Marie Curie ingilizce hayatı

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Marie Curie ingilizce

About Marie Curie

Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, physicist and science and got married to have my case with their life. Even with the first won the Nobel Prize. However, Pierre Curie died crushed under a gun at his car. After this incident investigation, now Madame Curie continued to single-handedly.

For more than three years to be able to get 0.1 grams of pure radyumkloruru hard. We finally got what he wanted. However, a pure compound of polonium could never isolated, because polonium half-life of only 138 days. He obtained these substances Teme When working, and I must say that we know was using separation methods slipping uranium uranium lie. Was exposed to radiation-induced cancer in the year 1934.Marie Skłodowska-Curie, often referred to as Marie Curie or Madame Curie (7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934), was a Polish physicist and chemist, working mainly in France, who is famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only woman to win in two fields, and the only person to win in multiple sciences. She was also the first female professor at the University of Paris(La Sorbonne), and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in Paris’ Panthéon.

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